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Vaibhav Vyas – The man behind the lenses


Sep 17, 2020

Vaibhav Vyas a name synonymous to creativity and versatility is currently one of the most promising cinematographers in recent times who’s creativity and the calibre to think out of the box is what defines him as the most talented name in a room full of creative talents.

A cinematographer or Director of Photography (DP), is responsible for all the visual elements of a film; in other words, this professional is literally, the eye behind the camera.

Vaibhav started his journey at a mere age of 16. With his interest in photography and videography, Vaibhav enrolled himself for tough training and became a video analyst BCCI. “I got to explore a lot of places for many domestic and international cricket series”, said Vyas. With his tremendous experience, he then built his own brand and is the owner of VAV Films and Photography.

Vaibhav’s photography assignments are not only based in India but different parts of the globe. He has done several projects in Dubai, UK, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, China, Turkey and the USA. His passion for photography ignited when he was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in commerce. As a part of his postgraduate subject, Vaibhav studied photography and became an ace photographer.

Moreover, he has also worked as a DOP for many popular songs, music labels and has worked with many channels like Times Music, Indie Music and Shemaroo Gujarati. Some of his works as a cinematographer include ‘Moj Ma Revu’, ‘Kaash Aisa Hota’ by Darshan Raval, ‘Jee Karda Ay’, ‘Adhoora’, ‘Jal Kamal’, ‘Aameen’ among others. For his outstanding works, he has received multiple accolades and recognitions. Vaibhav was awarded the ‘Best Cinematography Wow Award’, ‘Event and Entertainment Manager Association Award 2015’, ‘GIFA Films Award 2016’, ‘EMF Award 2017’ and ‘Gaurvaanta Gujarati Award 2017’. 

The interests of Vaibhav are not only restricted to photography and cinematography. He is an avid rider and a wanderlust. Amidst all the life of hustle-bustle, he loves to go on bike rides and has explored the beauty of North East India. Till now, he has travelled to 7 countries and has plans to explore many other countries in the coming years. Lastly, the latest feather added in Vaibhav Vyas’ cap is his contribution towards combating the COVID-19 pandemic in India. He volunteered in helping the nation by providing drones.

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